With snowstorm on the way, boaters beware

Follow these tips for winterizing and snow-proofing your boat.

A big snowstorm is headed to the northeast, where snowfall is expected to reach one-to-two feet in some areas. For boat owners whose vehicles are located outdoors, whether they're situated on boat stands out of the water or tied to a dock, the threat of a storm can make them nervous about how their prized possession will hold up with all the wind and ice.

To make sure your boat survives the winter weather, make sure you've weatherized it properly. Here are some tips for preventing damage:

  • Cover the decks. The easiest way to prevent snow from accumulating is to simply tie down a solid, resilient cover that won't blow off when the wind kicks up.
  • If your vessel is sitting on stands in a boatyard, make sure they're secure and that they haven't been dislodged in any way by winds or someone accidentally bumping them.
  • Remove your trolling motor if it's still connected to the boat and store it in your home. These aren't typically attached to the boat very strongly, so a good gust of wind could knock them loose.
  • You may want to consider running some antifreeze through your engine if you didn't do so when you winterized your boat a few months ago.

By properly winterizing your boat, you can rest assured that when you go to check up on it after the storm dies down, none of your boat parts will need to be repaired or replaced. If you don't have the accessories, such as a winter cover, that you need to protect your boat from these storms, make sure you check out the latest weatherproof covers we have at ePal.

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