With longer winter, fish may be hard to come by on Lake Michigan

The Great Lakes have experienced an extended cold season, which means fish could have a delayed spawning season.

An extended cold weather season has many along the shores of the Great Lakes wondering how it will affect fish stocks in the area. The Detroit News reports that commercial fishers typically begin leaving docks around the first of March to begin their fishing season, but this year they won't be able to get out on the water until the beginning of April.

At the same time, colder weather has possibly delayed the spawning season, which means that fish populations may not begin hatching until June or later. Consequently, catches later in the year may not be as mature as normal.

However, not everyone is pessimistic about how the winter will affect the fish. Harold Bailey, who runs Blue Heron Fishing Charters on Sugar Island in Northern Michigan, thinks that the weather will eventually correct itself and fisherman won't lose much ground.

"Oh, it might put us back a little bit, but I don't think it's going to hurt business too much," Bailey said. "One thing I've learned about the predictability of fish is that they're not predictable."

Those who fish in the lake are hoping that the extreme cold weather will be followed by a faster warming period, which has been known to happen. The species that are most affected by the cold are bluegill and bass.

With fishing expected to be more difficult this season, boaters who still want to have good catches may want to consider installing a fishfinder on their boat. This will make it easier to locate schools, ultimately helping you save time and avoid wandering aimlessly around the lakes looking for fish. You can find the latest fishfinder technology at ePal!

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