What’s the best bait for rainbow trout?

Try these types of bait the next time you want to catch some rainbow trout!

One of the best fish to catch are rainbow trout, as their mild flavor and widespread range mean that they're easy to find and terrific to eat. They're also pretty easy to catch for beginning anglers. You just need to know where they'll be swimming (typically along the West Coast in freshwater rivers) and have the right bait.

When fishing for rainbow trout, you have a couple options for bait:

  • Deli shrimp: The cocktail shrimp you normally see at the supermarket are actually terrific bait for trout, according to FishingWithRod.com. They're not a natural food sou​rce for trout, but they're easy to find and seem to be effective at attracting fish.
  • Powerbait: This is designed specifically for catching trout. It is manufactured to have specific scents that trout will find enticing, and you can typically find it in any bait and tackle shop. This type also tends to last a little bit longer in your tackle box.
  • Worms: The old standby is a favorite of trout, and obviously worms are pretty cheap. If you're just looking to have a little fun on the lake and you're not terribly serious about fishing as a hobby, worms are a great, low-cost option that lets you have fun and gives you a reasonably good chance of catching fish.

Another key to fishing for any species is to have a good fishfinder on your boat that can give you accurate depth readings and provide information about the water column. By equipping your boat with a transducer and fishfinder from ePal, you'll have more success in locating the best parts of your favorite fishing grounds. That way, you'll go home with a much bigger catch!

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