What should I look for in a loudhailer?

When buying a loudhailer, make sure it has a higher wattage rating.

A loudhailer can be one of the most useful boat accessories that you have onboard your vessel. Yet many mariners have no idea what these devices are or why they would want one on their boat. A loudhailer is exactly what it sounds like: a public address (PA) system that connects to your boat's communication module so that you can talk to other vessels that are nearby.

This instrument is also typically equipped with a siren that will broadcast internationally-recognized distress signals in the event that you require assistance while at sea.

If you're not sure what to look for in a loudhailer and what distinguishes one unit from another, here are a few tips:

  • More wattage means more power. A loudhailer with a power rating of 100 watts will be louder and broadcast farther than one that is rated at 30 watts.
  • Some loudhailers are designed to work with both your horn and your radio, while others are not.
  • There are different siren signals to indicate different types of distress and warnings. For example, the Furuno LH-300 Loudhailer comes with six preset sirens that are used in different situations, such as when your boat is being towed or has run aground due to reduced visibility. The more sirens that your unit is equipped with, the more flexibility that you'll have in communicating with other vessels.

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