Video of boating rescue goes viral

A man was rescued from a tugboat that capsized and sank to the bottom of the Atlantic.

A man who was trapped under a capsized boat at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean and survived three days on a small pocket of air has become an internet sensation. The rescue took place in May, but it wasn't until this week that video of the dramatic event was released to the public. The footage shows Harrison Odjegba Okene, a cook aboard the tugboat Jascon 4, stuck in a small compartment where he was found by search and rescue divers from a Dutch company working near the site of the sinking.

The diving team, from a firm called DCN Diving, was initially only searching for bodies. Okene was the only crewmember to survive the wreck. However, as they inspected the wreckage, a camera on one of the searchers' helmets captured images of a hand pulling the diver towards him. The hand belonged to Okene.

"It was frightening for everybody," Tony Walker, project manager for DCN Diving, told The Associated Press. "For the guy that was trapped because he didn't know what was happening. It was a shock for the diver while he was down there looking for bodies, and we (in the control room) shot back when the hand grabbed him on the screen."

Boating on the open ocean can be both a thrilling and harrowing experience. As miraculous as this rescue turned out to be, it should be noted that 11 other sailors aboard the Jascon 4 perished in the sinking. Avoiding such catastrophes is the captain's number one responsibility, and it is more easily achieved by making use of a chartplotter, which is ypically equipped with instrumentation that can let you know of hazards both above the water and below. You can find the latest marine technology by shopping at ePal.

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