The Wolf of Wall Street: Cautionary Tale For Yacht Owners?

Leonardo DiCaprio's new film "The Wolf of Wall Street" depicts the sinking of a luxury yacht.

Leonardo DiCaprio's newest film, "The Wolf of Wall Street" is a frontrunner to win several Academy Awards and many critics are praising the movie as one of the actor's best. But in addition to being a highly-acclaimed motion picture, it can also serve as a cautionary tale for anyone who owns a marine vehicle, especially a luxury yacht.

In the story, DiCaprio plays Jordan Belfort, a real-life, Wall Street banker who owns "Naomi," a 134-foot boat that features a helicopter, jet skis and just about every other amenity that Belfort could pack in. On a voyage to Europe, Belfort orders his captain to set sale for Monaco, despite the captain's warnings that there were "choppy" waters that would make it a bumpy ride. The choppy waters turned out to be gigantic waves that eventually led to the sinking of "Naomi," with Belfort and his crew needing to be rescued by the Italian coast guard.

The story did in fact happen in much the same way that it is depicted in the film. The real Belfort owned "Nadine", a yacht that originally belonged to fashion designer Coco Chanel, and he did manage to sink it off the coast of Sardinia in the mid-1990's.

Although the film is mainly about Belfort's illegal stock trading practices and debauchery, it's also a warning against ignoring the expert advice of an experienced mariner and putting your crew and passengers at risk. At ePal, we always recommend following the captain's advice when it comes to getting repairs, purchasing needed Garmin marine GPS equipment or avoiding hazardous conditions when underway.

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