The best bass fishing sites to check out this summer

Check out these great bass fishing destinations!

Now that Memorial Day has passed, we're right at the beginning of the best season for fishing. Let's face it: there are other fish out there, but if you're a serious angler, then you're probably on the hunt for bass. These fish are fun to catch, taste delicious and can be found in just about any part of the country.

Recently, Field And Stream Magazine listed the best places to check out around the U.S. if you're a bass fishing enthusiast. Some of the locations they wrote about include:

  • Falcon Lake, Zapata, Texas: You'll want to bring your sunscreen if you take a trip to Falcon Lake, as it's right near the U.S.-Mexico border and temperatures routinely top 100 degrees. But you'll also want to bring plenty of bait. You can expect to catch quite a few largemouth bass over 10 pounds on this pond.
  • Lake Erie (especially near ­Sandusky, Ohio): You'll be hard-pressed to find a better place to catch smallmouth bass, and this time of year Sandusky has lovely weather.
  • Lake Guntersville, Guntersville, Alabama: This was the site of the Bassmaster Classic in February 2014. You can typically find 8- to 10-pound bass on this lake, particularly in the summer, which Field And Stream describes as "grass-fishing time on Guntersville."

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