Storing your boat ashore

Make sure you don't tie your tarp cover to the boat stands, in the event of a strong wind gust.

In many parts of the country, the time has come to begin preparing your boat for storage over the winter. While some areas are warm enough that the boat can simply be left in water all year, most boat owners in cold climes are going to want to keep their boat on land to preserve the hull and marine instruments until the ice thaws.

That being said, there are good ways and bad ways to store you vessel ashore. Here are some tips to consider when prepping your boat:

  • Drain it: Letting water drain from your cockpit and hull will ensure that you don't have any standing water, which can freeze or attract mold and mildew, eventually eroding any wooden components.
  • Support the hull: Boats weigh a lot, and all of that weight can cause damage to the hull if it is not properly supported by whatever storage system you're using. Consult with a marine surveyor to make sure the weight of the boat is evenly distributed over the hull.
  • Tie cover to boat, not the boat stand: If you're using a boat stand, make sure the tarp cover is tied to the boat and not the stand. A strong gale can pick the cover up, knock the stand loose and cause the boat to fall form its position.

With your vessel stored ashore, now is a great time to consider adding new Garmin marine electronics and other accessories to it, as these additions can be easier to accomplish when the boat is on land, rather than at sea. For the latest in marine technology, check out ePal's online store today!

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