Selecting the right type of reel for your fishing rod

Not sure what type of reel you need for your fishing pole? Check out our guide!

Have you decided to take up fishing recently? Or has it been a few years since you've done it and you're looking for a refresher course? We have you covered! We're going to give you a rundown of some of the equipment needed to fish and help you determine which marine instruments you need to catch the biggest fish.

In this article we'll go through the three basic types of reels that you'll want to consider when constructing a new fishing pole:

  • Baitcasting: One of the most common reels for more experienced anglers, a baitcasting reel gives you the best accuracy when casting, but it's a bit difficult to use. You need to be careful when casting, as it's hard to control how much line is thrown, which could result in tangling and other problems. This is the best reel to use when you have heavier fishing line.
  • Spincast: This type of reel is particularly suited for children, as it's easy to use and gets the job done. Basically, you push a button when you want to cast your line, and once you let go of the button it stops casting. Then you reel in your catch when you think a fish has taken your bait. Spincast reels don't offer the same kind of accuracy as other reels, but in terms of simplicity, they're hard to beat.
  • Spinning: This reel provides a nice middle ground between a baitcaster and spincaster, as it's easier to use than the former but more accurate than the latter.

In addition to having the right fishing equipment, you'll also want to make sure your boat is outfitted with the best marine electronics. Having a GPS system on board can be a lifesaver when you're fishing in unfamiliar waters. To see the latest in marine communication and navigation technology, check out the ePal online store today!

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