Sailboats damaged, unmoored by high-speed winds

Make sure your boat is moored or docked with high quality sheets.

Two boats that were moored off the shores of South San Francisco came unattached from their anchors on March 12 and ended up crashing into the rocks on the beach. CBS San Francisco reports that the vessels, both of which were unmanned sailboats, became unmoored due to high-speed winds, which have been bombarding the Bay Area for several days.

It's currently unclear who the boats belong too, as the City of South San Francisco stated they had been keeping an eye on them in case they turned out to be abandoned. However, the boat's owners were occasionally spotted occupying the boats.

The U.S. Coast Guard stated that the boat's owners would need to hire a salvage company to have them removed from the rocks. They also reported that there was no pollution released into nearby waters as a result of the unmoorings.

Boats tend to spend quite a bit of time moored offshore in the winter months, when it's too cold for anyone to consider taking their vessel for a ride. If you own a boat and keep it on the water in winter, it's important to make sure that the sheets you use to keep it tied to the anchor are in good shape. Additionally, you should routinely check on it to make sure it remains anchored, particularly on days with bad weather.

Sometimes accidents like this are unavoidable. If you're concerned that your boat could one day become lost, you may want to consider installing a marine GPS tracking system from ePal onboard that can help you locate it. That way, if it comes unmoored and floats out to sea, you'll still be able to find it fairly easily.

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