Protect your boat with these theft prevention tips

Make sure to follow these tips to prevent boat theft!

Photo: Wikimedia user  	Noahsachs.

Boat theft is a serious concern for all marine enthusiasts. Because docks and slips often feature only minimal security, your watercraft are more at risk than they should be. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent these incidents from occurring.

  • Install a GPS tracking unit: At ePal, we carry a wide selection of marine GPS tracking units that can be installed in your boat so that you can receive real-time location information. You can even set up a "fence" around your boat so that if it leaves these boundaries, you receive an alert.
  • Lock your cabin: It may seem self-evident that you should lock up your boat after you use it, but so many owners simply leave their vessel open because they don't think that theft will happen to them. Lock the cabin and make sure that the ignition for the engine can't be accessed without a key.
  • Take pictures of your boat: Make sure that you have plenty of photographs of your boat and have written down part numbers, license plate and serial numbers for all equipment. This will make it easy to identify your watercraft if it is recovered by the police.
  • When docked, secure your boat with a steel chain: Even if you have locked your cabin and made it impossible for someone to pilot your vessel without a key, you should also chain your boat to the dock so that it can't be towed out.

If you're looking to add security equipment to your vessel to make it theft-proof, you'll find that ePal has the best selection of this gear. We also feature the lowest prices and for all orders we offer free shipping to the lower 48 states. Check out our online shop today!

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