Kentucky provides good crappie fishing this season

Crappie fishing season has begun in Kentucky, where anglers will find some big catches!

Looking for a great place to go fishing this spring or summer now that winter weather has thawed and more lakes are opening up for anglers? While it might be tempting to head down to Florida or up to the New England coast for your next big catch, you may want to consider another destination that isn't quite as popular, but still delivers good returns: Kentucky.

A recent article on the website of the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife (KDFW) provides some detail on the terrific conditions that are cropping up for those who want to catch crappie, a fish that can sometimes grow as large as 6 pounds and comes in both black and white varieties.

Interestingly, these fish are showing up in large numbers not just at big bodies of water, but at smaller ponds and lakes as well. And unlike many fisheries throughout the country, the KDFW is hoping that people will come to the area and keep the crappie population in check.

"There is a really good population of 7- to 9-inch crappie in Boltz along with bigger ones," Jeff Crosby, central fisheries district biologist for the KDFW, told the source. "Bullock Pen [Lake]'s crappie population is about the same as in Boltz [Lake]. Kincaid [Lake] has a lot of mid-range crappie as well with some bigger ones mixed in. It has a pretty decent crappie population."

If you're looking to make some big catches this season, whether it's in Kentucky or elsewhere, it's a good idea to have a fishfinder on board your vessel that can help you identify the best populations and have more productive outings. You can find this and other marine equipment at ePal, which offers free shipping to the lower 48 states!

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