Inventor develops smooth-riding boat with active suspension system

The Martini 1.5 may help you avoid seasickness, though it'll be some time before it's available for purchase.

If you're a boater then you've presumably figured out a way to cope with seasickness. It's something that afflicts a lot of people when they hit the high seas, even in relatively calm waters. While most will only address the problem by swallowing a Benadryl or avoiding boats entirely, one inventor has found a solution that may one day change the way boats are manufactured.

David Hall, CEO of acoustics company Velodyne, has developed an active suspension system that allows for ultra-smooth boat rides, even in choppy waters. The boat he built with the system — called the "Martini 1.5" — uses an unconventional piece of marine electronics in order to avoid bumps from rolling waves: airbag actuators.

Hall's boat can anticipate the movement of waves and adjust the deck's position so that passengers don't feel much of anything. He states that writing the software for the system was very difficult, but so far the results have been promising.

Popular Science states that Hall is able to ride through fairly rough waters at a speed of 30 miles per hour — nearly three times as fast as similar vessels could travel without a suspension system. Hall is hoping that the Martini 1.5 will hit the commercial market within the next year.

While you may not be able to get your hands on a Martini 1.5 for quite a while (and it's undoubtedly going to be expensive), there is a wide variety of boat accessories that can help you navigate treacherous waters and find the safest route to your destination. At ePal, we have a large selection of electronic instruments for boats, so make sure to check out our online store today!

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