How to improve your boat’s fuel efficiency

Follow these tips to improve the fuel efficiency of your boat!

Power boats are fun, but if there's one drawback to owning and using one, it's that they consume tremendous amounts of fuel in order to deliver top performance. The fact is that propelling an object that weighs over a ton through water takes an incredible amount of energy – much more than it does to propel a car on a highway.

That doesn't mean there aren't steps you can take to improve your boat's efficiency. Here are a few tips to get more miles per gallon in your vessel:

  • Clean the bottom of your boat: Barnacles and other growth on your hull can create drag that slows your boat down and wastes fuel.
  • Cut back on the throttle slightly: Running your engine at full throttle reduces efficiency. According to Sport Fishing Magazine, dialing that back by as little as 10 percent can reduce gasoline consumption by as much as 20 percent without you having to travel too slowly.
  • Monitor your exhaust system: If your boat is spewing black smoke from its exhaust pipe, then the engine is being overworked and may need to be cleaned. Exhaust from a well-maintained, functional engine will be invisible.
  • Reduce your vessel's weight: This may seem obvious, but many boaters travel with more gear onboard than they need. While you should always have life vests, radios and other safety equipment on board, see if there are other items that can be removed before you go on each trip.

It's also a good idea to have marine instruments on board that provide accurate fuel readings and let you know when your engine is experiencing mechanical troubles. You can find this equipment at ePal for the best prices, so make sure to check out our online store before you go on your next trip!

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