How do I navigate through ice safely?

Navigating through ice can be dangerous, so follow these tips.

If you live in northern areas, you may at some point find yourself in a situation where you'll need to navigate your way through icy water. This can be a particularly dangerous situation if handled incorrectly, even if you're relatively close to shore. However, it's not always avoidable, so it's good to know what to do in these instances, just in case.

That action that you take in these situations depends largely on the thickness of the ice that you're confronting:

  • For thin ice, you can try gently moving towards it and letting the bow of your boat slide up onto the top of the frozen water. If you do it slowly enough, the weight of the boat should break through and clear the way.
  • If the ice is thicker, you can also try using your own wake to break it up. Assuming you have the space to do this, begin piloting the boat in circles, kicking up waves that travel under it. At first the ice will simply rock back and forth, but eventually it could break up, allowing you to gently move your way through.
  • Keep in mind that frozen freshwater is stronger than seawater at the same thickness.

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