Garmin develops new vessel integration technology

Garmin is creating solutions that will bring together the various communications and navigational instrumentation on your boat.

One of the predominant trends in marine GPS technology is the consolidation of various navigation and communication equipment into one component. This allows boaters more control and freedom in piloting their vessel, and makes the process of monitoring location, engine condition and other parameters more intuitive.

In keeping with this trend, Garmin has just announced that it has partnered with Mastervolt, manufacturers of CZone intelligent technology, to create an integrated system with a simplified interface. This will give pilots quicker access to their boat's controls, thus providing a more straightforward, streamlined method for steering the vehicle so that the driver can focus on other aspects of their trip, not just making sure their boat works.

"Today, with recreational time being limited, boaters and their families do not want to worry about the operation of the boat," G.R. Schrotenboer, Mastervolt Global Business Leader, said in a press release. "They want to turn the key or touch a button and go have fun on the water. Our CZone technology offers the kind of intuitive operation that is common in one's home or car, providing complete control of the vessel's environment with a single touch."

As boaters begin to accumulate more system components in their GPS, communication and monitoring systems, it becomes difficult to keep an eye on all of these parts at once. This increases the likelihood that something can go wrong during a trip. However, as this announcement would indicate, boat part manufacturers are trying to solve this problem by bringing all of a vessel's various parts together into one unified interface, making boat travel safer and more fun.

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