Folsom Lake boating takes a hit due to drought

Folsom Lake water levels may be too low as a result of drought.

Folsom Lake, near Sacramento, California, is a popular boating spot for residents of the northern part of the state. It frequently plays host to boating races, and every summer those with power boats, sailboats and other watercraft look forward to the beginning of the season when they can take their toys for a spin for the first time since the previous fall.

However, with water levels falling and a drought that has wreaked havoc on the state's water supply, it's unclear whether 2014 will provide these boating enthusiasts with much of a season. The lake has opened for the summer, but authorities aren't sure how long it will stay that way.

One of the main problems is that with water levels so low, it's difficult for boaters to maneuver and avoid underwater obstacles like rocks. The lake may enforce a 5 mph speed limit to ensure that there are no collisions due to visitors being too close to each other.

"There's limited space out there," Arnold Boeck, a sailboat owner, told local news source "You have to be constantly watching because you are so close to the bottom."

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