California drought affecting boating industry

Drought in California is affecting the boating industry.

California is currently facing one of its worst droughts in recorded history, and the damage has extended from the state's drinking water supply to its boating industry. Many communities are under threat of having their water rationed and several reservoirs, lakes and ponds have seen their shorelines shrink. The latter situation has made things difficult for recreational boaters, some of whom have slips that are resting on dry ground.

A series of storms over the past two weeks failed to rectify the situation completely. Trade Only Today, a boating industry news resource, reports that marine professionals believe the recent rainfall has only "slightly" improved the state's water situation. Folsom Lake, located in Northern California, is at about 36 percent capacity, according to the Sacramento Bee. Overall precipitation for the season is 38 percent of normal.

It doesn't appear that much relief is on the way. The Sacramento area is expecting some rainfall for the next day or two, but after that things will be sunny and warm for the foreseeable future.

Something to keep in mind if you're a freshwater boater is that with water levels so low, there's a greater likelihood that your vessel could strike underwater objects. While most boaters will likely rely on their eyesight to spot such obstructions, there are times when these hazards will be virtually invisible above water.

The best way to avoid any damage to your hull is to make sure your boat is equipped with a transducer. These marine instruments are an invaluable tool for making sure that you don't strike any objects and your boat remains afloat. For the latest in transducer technology, browse ePal's selection of marine electronics today!

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