BoatUS offers free fuel spill response training

The BoatUS Foundation is offering a free online fuel spill response class.

Most boating activity in the United States occurs in the summer. As a result there is a higher likelihood of fuel spills occurring at popular boating spots this time of year. To combat this issue, the BoatUS Foundation has announced that it will be offering a free, online class that is aimed at educating seasonal employees of boating facilities on how to respond to these incidents.

"It's all about minimizing risk," Susan Shingledecker, BoatUS Foundation Vice President, said in a news release. "We encourage marinas and clubs to send their new fuel dock staff to the course just after they are hired, which will dovetail well with any marina's on-the-job training effort."

The course is meant not just for dock hands, but for any employees who may be nearby so that they can help in the event that they witness a fuel spill. It features online videos, interactive exercises and interviews with experts on a variety of topics, including:

  • An explanation of the different types of fuel products at marinas and docks: Handling oil and gas products may entail different procedures depending on the type and where they are being used
  • How to know when a tank is full: Not all boats have a shut off valve that will prevent over-fueling, so it's important to know when to remove the gas pump, particularly on older vessels
  • Impacts on the environment: What happens when fuel is spilled in a lake or the ocean? The course provides some answers.

If you'll be boating frequently this summer, it's important to ensure that your vessel is equipped with the latest fuel gauge and marine electronics equipment. This will help you with refueling and boat maintenance. For more information on the latest technology available, make sure to check out ePal's inventory today!

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