Boating industry looks ahead to growth in 2014

The boating industry is trying to attract younger enthusiasts.

The boating industry was hit hard by the recession, and many outfits are still struggling to readjust to what many refer to as "the new normal." However, many marine professionals are reporting slow but steady growth in the marine electronics and boating fields, signaling good times are ahead for those who have survived the economic downturn.

In a recent piece written for, an industry news source, several top boating professionals contribute their thoughts on what the future holds for not just those who work with boats, but those who own them as a hobby as well. What many are seeing is that boating enthusiasts are starting to age. However, John Adey, the President of the American Boat & Yacht Council, stated that he has hopes more young people will be attracted to the field.

"Recently I had the opportunity to address about 140 boatbuilders during a marine engineering conference and was pleasantly surprised as I looked out across the audience," Adey writes. "Within this group was the typical long-term employee, but in addition I noticed a new group of faces sprinkled throughout. These folks were young and seemed energetic as my co-presenters and I discussed the nuances of a boat's electrical system."

One reason young people may not be quite as interested in boating is that they have a perception of it as being something that only high net-worth individuals can enjoy. But the good news is that it doesn't have to be this way. By purchasing used vessels and shopping for discount boat parts and accessories at ePal, young people can have the opportunity to enjoy this hobby without breaking the bank.

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