Boating accident leaves 2 dead on Buckeye Lake

Before taking your boat out on the lake, make sure the engine and all components are in good working order.

A boating trip to Buckeye Lake, Ohio, turned tragic on March 28 when two boaters were killed after their 16-foot aluminum skiff capsized. While one of the boaters' remains were recovered right after the accident, it took searchers 3 days to find the body of the other passenger.

Gary Cook and Jason Lewis were on the lake at a particularly bad moment, as the water temperature was in the low 40s and wind speeds hit 30 mph. Although the part of the lake where they capsized was relatively shallow — with a depth of 3 feet — it's likely that they develop symptoms of frostbite almost immediately after they fell out of their vessel.

"You've got very cold water and hypothermia sets in very quickly", Andrew Hollenback, Region Manager Division of Watercraft for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, told local news source WBNS-10TV. "Your extremities shut down, your arms shut down, your feet and your legs – that makes holding on to stuff or swimming a lot more difficult."

It took six boats, as well as an aerial search, to find Cook. 

With many parts of the country still experiencing freezing temperatures, rain and snow, it is critical for boaters to exercise good safety practices by equipping their vessels with lifejackets and making sure their engines are in good working order before leaving the dock.

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