Boating accident in San Dimas, California leaves one dead

A speedboat race ended fatally when a man was killed in a collision in San Dimas, California.

The fifth annual Lake Puddingstone Sprint Boat Races in San Dimas, California, ended in tragedy on March 8 when a 64-year-old boater was killed in a speedboat collision. Gregory Belda was racing his boat when it was hit from behind by one of his competitors. The driver of the other boat was taken to a local hospital to be treated for minor injuries.

Local news source The Daily Bulletin reports that the Los Angeles County Fire Department Lifeguard Division is still investigating the accident. It was the 15th watercraft-related fatality at Lake Puddingstone since 1968. The most recent took place in 2011 when three women were killed riding jet skis.

"They went into a corner," Ted Kolby, a participant in the event, told CBS Los Angeles. "They were three wide, a warm up lap. They weren't going real fast. The middle boat made a 90-degree turn. We don't know if the steering broke off [or] what happened. And the boat that was on the inside, ran over him."

Water sports can be incredibly dangerous, and boaters who take to the water, particularly when they'll be racing high speed vessels, should ensure that their vehicles have the marine equipment they need to keep all passengers safe. This includes life vests and radios that can be used to communicate with other boaters nearby.

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