Boat sales rise in April

Boat sales were higher in April, indicating that the industry is on an upswing.

Photo: Wikimedia user Rennett Stowe.

New data shows that boat sales are recovering from their winter slump, which could mean that the summer season will be a profitable one for builders and dealers. Trade Only Today reports that preliminary numbers from marketing and research Info-Link indicate that unit sales of outboard and powerboats were also higher year-over-year.

"We're on a continued upswing," Jack Ellis, Info-Link managing director, told the source. "April has essentially demonstrated what we as an industry had been predicting or hoping. We're going to come out the other end of this brutal winter and people will start buying boats again, even though it's a little later than last year."

Ski boats had a particularly good month, with sales rising 15 percent. Outboard sales were also higher, at about 10 percent above last year's levels. As Ellis notes, this has a lot to do with weather. In the winter months, the only part of the country with an active boating community is Florida. However, it's also clear that an improving economic outlook is having an effect on customers' willingness to invest in new watercraft. 

Boating typically takes the biggest hit when the economy slows down, as customers find they either have less disposable income or they are worried that their jobs may be in jeopardy.

However, it seems pretty clear that the boating industry has a bright future ahead. If you've recently purchased a new or used boat and you'd like to outfit it with the latest marine accessories and technology, your best bet is to shop with ePal. We carry the top brands, and our free shipping policy can't be beat! Browse our website today for our latest deals!

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