Before you head out to the lake, follow these tips to catch more catfish

These tips will help you catch more catfish!

One of the best dishes in Southern cuisine is fried catfish, and it's even better when you make it yourself. If you're planning to head out to the lake soon to try catching a few, you're going to want to make sure you have the right marine accessories on your boat. You'll also want to follow these expert tips from Game and Fishing Magazine:

  • If you're fishing on a small river that has rapids, the area underneath ledges where the water falls is a great place to find catfish. This is because the falling water will carve out a deep section where they can hide.
  • One of the best times to catch catfish is at night. Once it's dark, you can use special bobbers that have a light on top, which will glow when the hook is bitten — an important feature when you're in a secluded area, such as a campground in the woods.
  • The best baits for large catfish are cut baits. These are pieces of sliced fish that are great for attracting large catfish even over great distances. Typically, you'll want to use an oily fish, as these give off even stronger scents through the water. If you're only looking for smaller catches, you can rely on just about any bait, including manufactured power bait and even chicken liver.

In addition to using the right techniques to find catfish, you'll also want to use the right equipment. At ePal, you'll find that we have not just the largest selection of boat accessories and electronics, but the best prices as well. Check out our store today for the latest technology that will help you catch more (and bigger) fish!

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