Autopilot systems catering to more boaters than before

You don't need to have a new boat to take advantage of the latest autopilot technology.

If it's been a while since you installed your current autopilot system (or if you don't even have one to begin with), you may be surprised at how advanced these systems have become. Most boaters are a bit hesitant to hand over the controls of their vessel to a computer, but in the event that you must leave the wheel but need to keep traveling, these devices can be a life saver.

Power & Motoryacht Magazine recently went into some of the design trends that are governing the way manufactures make these boat accessories. One development that has been particularly important is the drive to create simpler, easier to integrate systems that can be deployed on older vessels.

"Boat users expect flawless performance from an autopilot, but without having to interact with it and perform a complicated setup every time they put to sea," Ian Matt, Senior Global Product Manager for Raymarine, tells the source.

The fact is that most boat owners don't have the latest, fastest and most advanced boats on the market. Instead, they're driving older vessels with dated electronic components. Fortunately, most manufacturers have the average boater in mind when they're designing autopilots for the mass market, so more boat owners will be able to take advantage of this useful technology that makes boating more enjoyable and safer.

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