Area around Tappan Zee Bridge to be closed for construction

The waterways around the Tappan Zee bridge will be restricted for boaters over the next four years due to a renovation project.

The Tappan Zee Bridge, which runs over the Hudson River and connects the rest of the state of New York with Manhattan, will be undergoing a major renovation project over the next four years. As a result, the U.S. Coast Guard will be clearing an area around the bridge called a regulated navigation area (RNA), where boater access will be either restricted or even prohibited over the course of the project.

Local news source reports that Coast Guard officials have blocked off an area 200 yards south and 300 yards north of the bridge that has been declared "no wake," so boaters will be restricted to slow speeds when passing through.

One of the main reasons for the restrictions is that there will be several boats moored in the area that are part of the construction project. With these vehicles sitting still overnight, they present a hazard to other boaters, and are more likely to be damaged if the area isn't restricted.

"The devices themselves, with or without work boats moored to them, can pose a hazard to unwary boaters, especially those going too fast," officials told the source. "In periods of reduced visibility — after dark or when there is fog or heavy rain — the potential hazard from speeding is even greater."

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