4 tips to make sure you have a great time waterskiing

Follow these tips to have more fun when water skiing!

Now that Memorial Day has passed, it's time to break out the water skis and go for your first run of the summer. This entertaining pastime is one of the most fun, whether you're a novice or a seasoned skier. To commemorate the beginning of water skiing season, make sure to follow these tips so that you have the best time:

  • Always have at least two people on board the towing vessel. One should be the pilot, and the other should be watching the skier to let the driver know when they have fallen into the water.
  • Before you go on the water, make sure that the skier and the person watching have the standard hand signals memorized so that they can communicate. This includes using a thumbs-up to accelerate and a thumbs-down to slow the boat.
  • It's cliche to say, but keep trying if you're having trouble getting in a standing position on the water's surface. Waterskiing is like any other sport, in that practice makes perfect.
  • Let the boat pull you up, rather than trying to lift yourself out of the water. As long as your skis are pointed straight and up, you should have an easier time getting on the water's surface.
  • Make sure that the skies you're using are the right size for your height and weight. Consult with a specialist when picking our your equipment.

It's important for water skiing teams and groups to have the best equipment possible, especially when it comes to boat accessories. Make sure that your vessel is fully stocked with a marine radio and other communication equipment before you leave the dock. You can find this gear for affordable prices by shopping at ePal!

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