3 tips that will help you catch more largemouth bass

Follow these tips to improve your chances of catching some largemouth bass!

Photo: Flickr user Cliff.

Are you hoping to have a successful largemouth bass season? Of course you are! As you probably know if you've already tried it, catching bass isn't always easy, but with a little know-how you should notice an uptick in the number of fish you catch the next time you head out to the lake!

Here are a few tips from Fishing Tips Depot to help improve your chances of catching some largemouth bass:

  • Consult with others who frequent the same lake: The best approach to fishing for bass can vary depending on the lake and region where you're located. Ask others who are familiar with your particular lake where and when they have had the best luck.
  • Fish in the early morning or late evening: Bass typically feed at dawn and dusk, so the best time to head out is usually an hour or so before the sun rises, or an hour before it sets. 
  • If you catch a bass, see what's in it's stomach: This may sound a bit gross, but it's a good tactic if you want to know what bass are eating at your lake. These fish will typically throw up whatever is in their stomach after they're caught, so take a look and see what their favorite foods are. This will be your best guide when choosing the right bait.

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