3 tips for safe piloting while towing a water skier

Make sure to follow these tips the next time you take someone out water skiing.

Water skiing is one of the most exciting water sports, but it's also dangerous if those participating do not take proper precautions. Water skiing deaths are all too common, and it's almost always because of human error that these incidents occur.

One of the areas where you need to be particularly diligent about being safe is how you pilot the boat. If you're tasked with driving while another person is skiing, make sure you follow these tips from Waterski Magazine:

  • Don't accelerate too quickly. A gradual increase in speed is not only much safer, but it's also easier for the person you're towing to get out of the water and onto their skis.
  • Keep the boat balanced as you go through the water. You can tell if your boat is balanced if it is producing the same amount of spray and wake on both the starboard and port sides of the vessel. This makes it safer for the skier, but it also makes their job easier, as uneven wake can make balancing and maneuvering difficult.
  • Never turn sharply with someone in tow. If you see an obstacle approaching that you didn't anticipate, throttle back and have the observer alert the skier to a change in direction.

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