3 tips for keeping your kids safe on your boat

There are few pleasures like sharing a boat ride with your whole family, but before you do it's important to make sure they're safe.

Yachting Magazine has a great safety guide for parents who will be boating with their kids. Here are a few of their most important points:

  • Always set an example: If you want your kids to take safety seriously when they're on your boat, make sure that you set an example by wearing a life vest when necessary. Your children will take these procedures more seriously if they see that you're adhering to them.
  • Make sure your life vests fit: There are tons of manufacturers now, many of which we carry at ePal, that make life jackets in just about every size, and they're typically very comfortable. They're also much less likely to fall off if you or your children fall into the water. A life jacket that is too big could slide off.
  • Turn the engine off when passengers are in the water: Particularly if you have an outboard motor, it's important to make sure the propeller isn't spinning when people are in the water swimming. It also prevents the boat from accidentally running over a swimmer.

If you've recently purchased a boat and need to stock it with safety equipment, or you need to replace the marine supplies that you already have, your best source for these items is ePal. We carry a wide selection of personal flotation devices from many of the best brands, including Mustang, First Watch and Full Throttle, all at the best prices you'll find on the web. 

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