3 pieces of equipment that will help you catch more fish

Don't go fishing without these three pieces of gear.

For the vast majority of anglers, you can head out to a lake with nothing more than a fishing pole, some bait and a lot of patience. After all, many of these individuals aren't necessarily fishing in order to find their next meal. Instead, they simply want to sit by a lake and take in the view, and if they catch a fish, it's just an added bonus.

But some of us actually want to catch big fish, and we'll look for any gear that will increase the odds of this happening. Here are three pieces of equipment that you should add to your boat that will make your more successful as an angler:

  • Fishfinder: This probably seems pretty obvious, but many fishermen will head out to the water without one despite its usefulness. 
  • Trolling motor: Let's say you're in a small bay that is part of a larger lake, and you want to maneuver around without starting up your main engine. A trolling motor can help you make small, slower movements so that you don't disturb the water and scare away the fish. These motors are much quieter and help with minor adjustments in your heading.
  • Underwater lighting: Adding a light such as the OceanLED 2010FM HD LED will help attract fish, particularly at night. White and green are typically the best colors, as they are visible at greater distances.

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