3 essential baits for bass fishing

Make sure to take these baits along the next time you go bass fishing.

Are you looking to catch some bass this spring? It's certainly the perfect time to hit the lake, as bass are typically emerging from their winter haunts to prepare for spawning. Spring is when they're hungriest, so if you have the right marine equipment and bait, you should begin to reel in some big catches in the next few weeks.

Not sure what kind of bait you should take with you on your trip? TackleGrab.com has some suggestions for baits that have been proven to be the most effective:

  • Crankbait: This is a favorite of new bass anglers as it's easy to use. Crankbaits are designed to dive to the bottom and then be reeled up. As they move vertically through the water they wiggle and catch the attention of bass. The only thing to be wary of is that, because they dive to the bottom, they can become snagged on plants and rocks, so make sure you know how deep the water is and avoid problems like this.
  • Jigs: One of the most versatile types of lures, jigs are much easier to user in places where the weeds have grown thick. The best colors are green and blue, as these are more easily spotted over long distances underwater.
  • Spinnerbait: Perhaps the most popular bass fishing option, these are commonly used because they are highly visible in the water. They don't look much like fish, but the spinning, sparkling colors are too much for the fish to resist.

Remember that if you're serious about bass fishing, one of the tools that will help you the most is a fishfinder. These devices, which you can purchase from ePal, give you in-depth information about the water column and help you locate the best schools of bass. Check out our online store today for more information!

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