3 Boat Safety Tips

Here are three ways to preserve the safety of you and passengers this Labor Day weekend.

One of the unfortunate realities about boating is that sometimes accidents happen. What can be most frustrating about those mishaps is that sometimes they are entirely avoidable if safety guidelines are adhered to. That's why there is rarely ever an inappropriate time to stress the importance of safety on the water. 

Here are a few tips for you to remember:

Create a Float Plan: Letting someone who is not going along on a boat trip know all pertinent details is a savvy way of protecting you and your passengers from any unforeseen mishaps. A good float plan will include the names, addresses and contact information of the trip leader and all of the passengers. The boat type and registration information, the trip itinerary and all of the communication and signal equipment available on the vessel are all also crucial pieces of information that would help locate the boat if it becomes damaged or lost. 

Life jackets: Although use of the life jacket is one of the most obvious safety tips, it is also one of the most repeated because of how resistant people can be toward using them. If your hesitancy is due to life jackets being too bulky and uncomfortable, they now come in all kinds of designs intended for an array of activities from water sports to fishing. There are even comfortable life jackets designed for pets.

Use the free safety check: The United States Coast Guard offers complimentary boat examinations to confirm the integrity of your boat and its safety equipment in regard to both state and federal regulations. There are also virtual safety checks available online to use. 

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